Guest Requirements & House Rules

By making a reservation through CasitaMX, you agree to the requirements below. If you violate these requirements, you may be subject to having your reservation immediately terminated without a refund. We are unwavering in our commitment to uphold these requirements.

Check in and Check out times: The standard check will be shared with you prior to check-in. Failure to respect these times without prior written approval for early/late arrival or departure will result in a penalty of half the cost of the nightly rate of the property if breached by less than four hours and a full night’s cost if breached any further without prior notice.​

Know Before You Go: The Internet in this part of Mexico can be inconsistent as can be the quality of the roads leading to the property.

Additional visitors: Any visitors over the total amount of guests stated on this rental agreement and/or previously agreed upon in writing with CasitaMX will incur a penalty fee of $500 USD per extra person per night.

Respect for the Host's Property:

Home Maintenance: Guests are expected to maintain the property in a condition that does not necessitate extensive or deep cleaning, such as soiled carpets or furniture.

Damage Responsibility: In cases of damage beyond normal wear and tear, guests must promptly inform Hosts and collaborate to reach an equitable resolution. Guests are liable for reasonable reimbursement requests related to damage, missing items, or unexpected cleaning expenses.

Guests are encouraged to be responsive when Hosts reach out to address any issues that arise. 

Resolving Damage Claims: If a Host provides valid evidence that you, your guests, or your pet damaged the complaining Host’s real or personal property, or real or personal property the complaining Host is responsible for, including consequential damages, ("Damage Claim"), the complaining Member can notify CasitaMX and/or seek compensation. 

You will be notified of the Damage Claim and have the opportunity to respond. If you agree to pay, or if the Damage Claim is escalated to CasitaMX and CasitaMX determines in its sole discretion that the Damage Claim is valid and you are responsible for the Damage Claim, CasitaMX via our Stripe Payment Gateway can collect the amount of the Damage Claim from you. 

You agree that CasitaMX may seek to recover from you under any insurance policies you maintain and that CasitaMX may also pursue against you any remedies it may have available under applicable law, including referral of the matter to a collections agency, and/or pursuit of available causes of action and/or claims against you. You agree to cooperate in good faith, provide any information CasitaMX requests, execute documents, and take further reasonable action, in connection with Damage Claims, Hosts complaints, claims under insurance policies, or other claims related to your stay.

Adherence to Host's House Rules:

Check-in and Checkout: Guests must respect the specified check-in and checkout times and should not arrive before or after the designated window without prior approval from the Host.

Approved Guests: Guests must adhere to the authorized number of occupants and consult their Host for any uncertainties regarding visitor policies. Disruptive gatherings are strictly prohibited.

Smoking inside the property is only permissible if permitted by the Host.

Pet Approvals: Guests must comply with the pet policies outlined in the house rules, which may include restrictions on pet access. 

Guests are expected to respect designated quiet hours and avoid disturbing the surrounding community with excessive noise.

Commercial Filming and Photography: Participation in commercial film or photography projects without documented permission from the Host is prohibited. For this booking, guests have full permission for 1 day of commercial filming and photography. 

No Disruptive Activities

At CasitaMX, we prioritize fostering respectful interactions within local communities. This commitment extends to ensuring that our guests and hosts refrain from any actions or behaviors that may disrupt or disturb their neighbors during their stays or experiences.

Disruptive gatherings, regardless of their size, are strictly prohibited.

‍Prohibited Activities: Disruptive gatherings or parties, Open-invite gatherings or parties, Disturbances to the surrounding community, including but not limited to: Excessive noise, Abundance of visitors beyond the amount stated, Littering and excessive trash, Nuisance due to smoking, Parking-related inconveniences, Trespassing, Vandalism.